Thursday, November 30, 2017

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BAE: THIS mother’s of world say “Thank You”

To me, a product or device should do what it says it going to do in the description that sold me to buy it, Right? Yes, I could not agree more. With my purchase of this product, I knew I was getting a new grandson and the whole bottle storage thing was going to go on and on.
We have dishes, glasses, silverware, and bottle everywhere. Not complaining but just saying that is a lot of dishwashing and drying not that “I” notice has I said  I?

The PremiumRack has 2 different drainboards, 3 separate cup holders, a cutting board attachment and a microfiber mat to keep everything dry. When you open this up you see all of these pieces but once you start putting this Premium rack together you get the complete picture. Forgot the importance of this whole thing the size of the rack 17.5” long x 13.9” wide x 11” tall this is a monster that is worth space on the counter. I am so in love this Premium rack and the way it drys and lets the air total surround each dish, I know that sounds crazy but I have placed dishes in there at 9:00 am when I came back down at 10:15 am or so things were dry, dry enough to be placed back into there place for storage. And my next part of the Premium rack is it stainless except for the trays on sliding part and microfiber towel. This is drying and class together for your kitchen. I know you cannot tell that I am the family dishwasher? Enjoy!!

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BAE: PRE dishwasher loves these

In our household, all of the dishes that others wish not to touch are done by me and these are my new friends for my hands.

Why did I not get these earlier? Don’t have the answer to the question but I know now. You will like the fact that these are soft but do a deep cleaning. We have a large skillet that I just seem not to get clean in the grooves along the sides but with these, they are flexible and clean. What I like most is the strong grip that you can get on the pads as you use them.

Cleaning those items now is better for me but what is key for me is the easy clean up after you find whatever items you are clean. I have a plastic holder inside of my dishwasher and that I place these after using and they came out clean and ready to be reused.

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BAE: #dBs - the New Best Wireless Stereo #Bluetooth

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