Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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BAE: Sister to the rescue

Got this one for my brother who is a true Android lover.  What we got inside of kit/box was 2 screen protectors, wet spray, cloth for easy application of the product to your device.  It was easy and we did it in a few minutes after we let the screen dry and wiped to remove all dust. Then we applied the screen to the phone. Simple, and easy plus the price is nice less expensive than the one he was going to get for his phone.
First, the thing to do when applying the screen protector is turn off the phone, then start the easy steps apply to the device. Foolproof in our opinion one of us is older than the other and the older one could apply easily with help on instructions. This one is simple but protects the screen, you can still everything with no problems. I glad to say the patient (the phone survived.)

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