Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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BAE: Excitement

Few things bring the joy of having a great time but the Disco machine does just that for me. I remember when these were the thing to have at a party and a DJ yes, a real person spinning the records, yes, many don't know what vinyl records are but they are the bomb along with Disco. So, I dated myself but who cares?

Last, night I introduce my grandson the oldest one to the Disco ball and he just loves it. First, he did know what to make of it until I turned the lights off and things were alive for him. We turned on music and did our little disco dance of one finger up and down and he just fell out laughing it was so wonderful to see him enjoy the lights. He just was amazed at how it changes his whole room. It was a joy for me to see him enjoy the moment.

We made memories with the Disco ball and I know we will have much more.

Upon opening the box with the Disco ball inside I notice just how small and lightweight the machine is when delivered. Assembly was easy, just take it out and remove the screws on the side of the machine, (save them) then the arm that mounts the ball is inside aligned them up and replace the screws that you set aside and screw them back into the place, plug it in, turn off the lights and let things happen.

Magic and moments to relive or build.

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