Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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OKRAY 3 Pack 2A 10W Colorful Portable Dual USB Travel Wall Home Charger Power Adapter Plug

Quality chargers are difficult to come by and this is what you have with these three chargers, I like the fact that you can charge more than one device at a time with these chargers and the charging is quick. 

This allows me to charge two of my devices at once and not have to worry about it over heating it
will shut off for safety. 

Now when I travel I now need less wall plug in chargers.

OKRAYDirect gave me the wall chargers for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the adapters.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

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3 Head BBQ Grill Brush

Product Description 

 - Stainless steel bristles
- Three heads for maximum surface area
- Safe for all grill types
- 18 inches - keep your hand away from the heat
- 1 year money back guarantee

SAFE FOR ALL GRILL TYPES. Whether you have porcelain coated, stainless steel, or cast iron grates, you can scrub away safe in the knowledge that the Alpha Grillers Grill Brush will not mark your grates.

HEAVY DUTY, LONG LASTING BBQ TOOL. Thanks to the tough, plastic reinforced, twisted steel handle and stiff, stainless steel bristles, this brush will easily cut though any mess on your Weber grate, season after season.

OPTIMAL HANDLE LENGTH. Through extensive testing we have found 18 inches to be the perfect length for a grill brush. Long enough that your hand wont get burnt, but short enough that you retain excellent leverage and control while cleaning your grate.

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Organic Vitamins C 20% Serum

Organic Vitamins C 20% Serum

Vitamin C 20 % Serum by Elleda is a top of the line product in the area of all natural serums that work on the skin with just one application.  Apply this on before going to bed. Easy application bottle with all organic ingredients and no after smell when applying, you can use it when doing your daily facial routine. Elleda’s product only takes 6 drops or so and you are able to cover the face before applying makeup.

After a few days you can see the changes on the face and you will see the wrinkles a little less noticeable along with fine lines that are filled in to give you the even look.

****Elleda gave me this product for free in exchange for an honest review of the product Vitamin C 20% Serum. *****

Stars: *****’s

Friday, May 6, 2016

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Materia Medica eBook Review

Review of Materia Medica eBook Review 
This encyclopedia of natural medicine is also an introduction to the Clinical Theory of Everything.

You can use it as a reference for finding potential natural remedies, and at the same time you will be introduced to the first explicit model that explains how the body, mind and spirit work together to support your potential for radiant health, personal growth and spiritual development.

Materia Medica emphasizes the physical side of natural medicine such as botanicals and nutrition, while the companion volume Anima Medica delves into the spiritual and energetic aspects of healing, including ORMUS, homeopathy and electromagnetic frequencies.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

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3 Pack of Premium Pacifier Clip by KiddosArt. 2-Sided of 'JUNGLE THEME' Stunningly Designed Pacifier Holders, Pacifier leash, Baby pacifier clip


Re-View of 3 Pack of Premium Pacifier Clip by KiddosArt. 2-Sided of 'JUNGLE THEME' Stunningly Designed Pacifier Holders, Pacifier leash, Baby pacifier clip for Girls and Boys. Perfect Baby
--> -->
This review is now for the Jungle Theme for this binky holder. My daughter-in-law loves monkeys and when she saw these she just smiled so once again DrNaNa made a hit with this selection.

As I stated with the other set these are the must have if you have Grandchild and you want to not chase around looking for a binky.

Now I have a stylish Grandson when he goes out and we are getting asked, “Where did you get those from,” and I am proud to tell them where. 

I got these and got no grief from my son who will tell me in a minute when he thinks something is to girly for his son and will not let him wear or have, so I got brownie points for getting these and the fact that this color goes with many of his outfits.

#DrNaNa approved from my family and he can style these on Baptism this weekend. 

KiddosArt gave me these pacifier clips for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Scented Moroccan Argan Oil



Improve your Hair, Skin, and Nails with ONE single Product
Pure Moroccan Argan oil for Hair, Skin and Nails from Olbers & Olbers
- Helps protect skin and hair against damage
- Creates a brilliant shine without residue
- High levels of vitamin E, F, antioxidants and essential fatty-acids resulting in anti-ageing effects and beautiful healthy skin
- Improves dry skin conditions, helps reduce stretch marks and scar size
- Easily absorbed therefore promoting healthy and natural growth of nails (reducing manicure/pedicure bills)
Make your Hair, Skin and Nails look and feel lovelier in minutes
- Apply to dry, damaged and brittle hair to moisturize and nourish
- Apply to the face and body to maintain healthier skin
- Use on a daily basis to revive hair, nails and skin
- May be used on wet or dry hair

- Simply apply a few drops morning and/or night to face and neck areas after cleansing
- Allow product to completely absorb before applying any make-up
- Apply on any part of part of the body
- Massage a few drops daily to condition nails and cuticles
- Use our Argan oil regularly to leave hair and skin looking young, healthy, strong and radiant
African Liquid Gold from O&O
- Pure Argan Oil (99% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, 1% Natural Lavender scent)
- AB/USDA Certified Organic
- Not tested on Animals


 Review of Scented Moroccan Argan Oil

Being a lover of Argan oils it is true that his oil can do any daily moisture for skin, hair, and face and let’s face the whole body.

I love using right after bathing or showing it gives back what the soap or daily living takes out of the skin. My hair is gray and curly all over my head as I age and this product helps me with keeping the frizzing down and giving back to the hair what it needs.  It only takes a drop or two to make sure you get what you need it leaves behind on sticky feeling or residue.

Fugua5 gave me this product for free for an honest #review of the product.

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Argan Oil Hair Mask by InstaNatural


  • Premium Ingredients - InstaNatural's Argan Oil Hair Mask contains a superior collection of high-quality natural and organic ingredients - such as Argan Oil, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and more - that work together to moisturize and nurture hair. Turn Dry, Damaged Hair Into Luxurious, Silky Strands - Deep Treatment Cream Increases Volume, Softness and Shine. Repairs Damaged Hair - This deep conditioning treatment permeates the follicles to deliver ultimate nourishment and hydration to dry and damaged hair. Leave in for 15 minutes to revitalize limp and lifeless hair and increase volume, softness and shine. Get Soft & Shiny Strands - Complex formula is designed to restore health to damaged strands to enhance texture and shine. The result? Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Strengthens & Protects Hair - Nourishing blend of ingredients creates stronger hair that protects it from excessive heat and styling. Obtain healthy, youthful hair, even with blow drying, straightening and curling. Manufacturer Guarantee - InstaNatural is proud to back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, no matter where you buy the products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact InstaNatural for a refund - no questions asked.


Dry, Damaged Hair Into Luxurious, Silky Strands - With Organic Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, & Vitamin B5 - Deep Treatment Cream Increases Volume, Softness and Shine - Guaranteed to work for your body! (Advertisement supplied by InstaNatural on Amazon website)

InstaNatural Argan Oil
InstaNatural has a blend of different products that I was graced to have the pleasure of using and blogging for you the consumer to know the quality of these products.

First and the best as far as I can say and write about because it has changed my hair for the best and I know must stay in my collections of things that keep my hair. InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask deep conditioning is the BOMB for hair that is in need of medical care, yes, medical care for the hair this is the product to keep and use at least 3 times a week to make sure you hair does not suffer from dryness, brittle, no life at all. There are many ways to think about you but to give back to the hair is much need to keep it feeling like the hair you want and hope to have daily.
InstaNatural Argan Oil components
InstaNatural Argan Oil is full of Argan Oil that is made from Japanese Green Tea, that Green Tea is the new go to for many describe with my benefits for different uses. Green Tea is used with the other components used will give back to the hair much need proteins that keep the hair.
 Amino Acid
Amino Acid Complex blocks the protein for the hair. Your hair has keratin that is one of the amino acids. Then there is vitamin B like compound that Biotin gives to the hair that keeps it from breaking off. B-Complex vitamins like folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, inositol, B6 and that friend for the hair that it loves is B12.
Coconut Oil
Another key component is coconut that has been used from hair to possible help with Alzheimer’s disease. This wonder oil has seen a change in type 1 and 2 diabetes. For weight loss it has helped to boost the body and raise the thyroid to health levels. Research for this wonder oil can be seen daily.
Shea butter
Shea Butter today is used for cosmetics, skin and hair products because of the shea butter ability to keep hair from becoming brittle and dry. For medical treatment this is used as an anti-flammatory, sun blocking lotion.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil replaced the use of whale oil in cosmetic products after the 1971 ban on use of whale oil, now cosmetic have found the benefits of Jojoba in shampoos and conditions along with a host of additional products.
Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil has a host of healing benefits; it is high in vitamin E. Like many of the ingredients in Argan Oil Hair Mask this is too is helpful with enrich alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein absorption. Great combinations from InstaNatural to make sure that we are getting the best of the best ingredients with no indigents that is harmful to hair in anyway.

Knowing what is going in and on the body is key when you are aging or just taking care of the body as best as one can. InstaNatural is has done a great job in this for my hair. It was important to me as a blogger that you knew the work that was put into the product and how well these items worked together. My small idea of letting you know the ingredients and how, why, when was key.

My feels and looks great just after one use but now after several weeks of using this product, it has made me a real believer that my hair was dying before trying this product. I was always looking for ways to keep my hair moist and soft but that is now longer the problem for me. With a great big “Thank You” to InstaNatural this is the best I have found but not because I am writing this article but it is the truth.

MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. If you're not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.



Monday, May 2, 2016

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Eyeglass Cleaner By Peeps, No Cloths, No Wipes, No Sprays, No Alcohol, No Mess. All-In-One Lenses

Re-View of Eyeglass Cleaner By Peeps, No Cloths, No Wipes, No Sprays, No Alcohol, No Mess. All-In-One Lenses

 I was just bless to get a new pair of glasses for myself and keeping them clean is a job. I need my glasses for reading and not having my fingerprints on the lenses is great for me to not have. The eyeglass cleaner when I first saw it look a little
strange to me but I thought let’s give it a try and I did. I like my cloths to keep things clean but the rubber tips that are in this tool gave another thought. It was easy just place the glasses in between the tool and you will see that you need no sprays or anything else take the lenses in between the tool and you will see even better once you remove the glasses.
I got this at a discounted price for a fair and honest review of the eyeglass cleaner.

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No Tie Reflective Elastic Shoelaces for Athletes, Adults, Kids

These just make my shoe wearing a better experience and give my more support.

I buy great brands for tennis shoes because it is important that my weight is support evenly and with a good brand of shoes I believe that I get that but with these shoelaces it gives even better support.

For anyone who follows my blog ( you know balance is a problem for me a lot of the times but since places these laces on my tennis shoes that I where most of the time when I am up just give the extra support. It feels like I have a new pair of tennis shoes. I now think the regular method of lacing up the shoes could be replaced with these laces. This is only my belief no one else’s, once you try these laces you will feel the difference.

Sport Freak USA gave me these laces for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product. This is my own experience with the laces.
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Product Review of Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers

Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers


Chalk markers an invention that many of us waited on and now we have brilliant white liquid chalk markers that make things just pop out at you.

Pleased to have these in our collection of chalk for keeping up with important facts. As a soon to be grandmother (Nana) my daughter-in-laws let’s us the family know what is going on with our new arrival on the way. The colors stand out on the board giving it the piazza.
The packing of chalk comes with two in a box with easy removal of the chalk. We use a cloth to remove the information from our chalkboard so clean up of the product is easy as well.
****Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers gave me this product for free in exchange for an honest review of the product. *****

Amazon Link:

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--> Ladies


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