Saturday, January 30, 2016

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Introduce yourself with Organic Eucalyptus Oil by Eve Hansen - 100% Pure & Certified


 THE ONLY 4 oz. USDA Certified Organic Eucalyptus Oil sold on Amazon - 100% 

pure, steam distilled and undiluted for the highest potency.
 Eucalyptus essential oil is known for REFRESHING, INVIGORATING and 

ANTISEPTIC properties.

GREAT NATURAL REMEDY to combat respiratory problems (cold, cough, runny 

nose, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and more); to treat wounds, burns & cuts; and to 

rejuvenate the spirit, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness.
SEE RESULTS OR MONEY BACK - Eve Hansen products are backed with 

manufacturer's "100% satisfaction policy". Try it out at our expense - if you are not 

fully satisfied, we will refund your money!

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Organic Eucalyptus Oil by Eve Hansen - 100% Pure & Certified

Eucalyptus oil has many cures for different things that keep us from

 feeling better. In my household I use this on my oldest pet Tippy 

she is showing some signs of stiffness and I too already have 

trouble with stiffness on rainy days mainly but I just don’t like 

taking more medicines anything natural is what I seek for my cures.

 Eucalyptus on a cotton 
ball and place some Grapeseed oil together onto my skin and wait 

for the results something’s it takes two applications for the relief to 

really to occur, I wait awhile and then I can continue my daily 

routine. For my pets I just place a few drops into my discusser. If 

my pet is not better from morning I will place a few drops into my 

hands along with Grapeseed oil and rub it into her skin while she 

relaxes and later in the day I notice that she is moving better or 

sometimes at night will just rub her down and in the morning she is 
 better. On my other two dogs I place a few drops on a cotton ball 

and rub it all over their coats. I don’t see fleas or any bugs biting or 

flying around them when they are in the yard.

HOW MANY LADIES FOR MY REVIEW OF Organic Eucalyptus Oil by Eve Hansen - 100% Pure & Certified?


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin


Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin

Suffering with dry skin and need some help may I suggest a product for you Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin is one of my best of the best in helping with making sure that areas like your face, hands or top of my feet. It does not take much to make the skin hydrate and and bring back the moisture. Usually I drop a few drops onto the are that I am trying to rehydrate. You can instantly feel the relief.

Packing of product
Hyaluronic Acid Serum came to packing in a brown cardboard box with bubble packing inside the box with the seal on top of the bottle secure.

Overall rating of this product
I give this product for working and working well a 5 stars for working just like the company listed.

Amazon link:

Product Review from Amazon:
Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face
Natural & Organic Hyaluronic Acid Serums. Improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance
Organic Hyralonic Hyluranoic Hyrolaunic Cream Serums

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Konjac Facia Spongekonjac-facial-sponge


Konjac Sponge Activated Charcoal

My thoughts before using

I was never a believer in sponges doing much of anything but I must say this one took me by surprise. I did not think that after soaking a sponge for 4 minutes would give such great results.

The Product
This unique rich plant Konjac is an all natural alkaline, an keeps the balance to remove oils and give the skin that you want and need. It feels renewed. This Konjac sponge can be used by people with sensitive because the fibers.
After using the Konjac you will find that the skin can become lighter, smoother, and leaves completely free to breath and give that look of loveliness.

To help keep the Konjac sponge working to it’s ability it is best to dry it in an open area where both sides of sponge are able to dry.

Product Review from Amazon:

  •  BRIGHTER LOOKING SKIN: The natural woven fibers of the sponge gently massage the skin and stimulate blood flow. It detoxifies and encourages skin renewal while balancing the skins pH, leaving your skin extremely clean and refreshed!

    • PREVENTS SPOTS, BLACKHEADS AND BREAKOUTS: The added BAMBOO CHARCOAL contains activated carbon and essential minerals to deeply cleanse and absorb excess sebum, toxins and other harmful chemicals from your skin. You will see your pores getting smaller, tightening and brightening your skin.
  • IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE: pureSOL Konjac Facial Sponge gently exfoliates while deep cleansing and removing any toxins and impurities, leaving you with a radiant complexion. It is extremely soft and gentle for everyday skin care. Great for all skin types.
  • 100% NATURAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Why compromise your health with products that contain harsh chemicals and additives on your skin? PureSOL Konjac Sponge is completely natural, eco-friendly and free of parabens, sulphates & chemicals. It is biodegrade, cruelty free and vegan. After use, you can compost the sponge and feel good about the environment! You can even add it to your flowerpot! At pureSOL our packaging is 90% compostable
  • EASY-TO- HANG SUCTION HOOK: A must have for you konjac sponge! Perfect for hanging in a well-ventilated space so it's dry and ready for you to use the following day. No more searching for something to hang your pureSOL Konjac Sponge on!
Amazon Product Link:

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Silky Smooth (TM) Series iBenzer Silky Leather Coated Plastic Hard Protective Shell Case Cover for MacBook Air 13'' inch A

About The Product:

iBenzer Silky Leather Coated Plastic Hard Case Series
The case only fits for MacBook Air 13'' (A1466 / A1369)
Please kindly check the model number ''A1xxx'' on the back of the laptop BEFORE you purchase.

WARNING: This case can't fit MacBook Pro 13'', MacBook White 13'', MacBook Pro 13'' with Retina display.
Case Dimension: 13 x 9.1 x 0.8 inch MacBook Air 13'' Dimension: 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.68 inch.


 Silky Smooth (TM) Series iBenzer Silky Leather Coated Plastic Hard Protective Shell Case Cover for MacBook Air 13'' inch A1369 / A1466, Caribbean Blue MAS13SBL

I purchased my case in the color of Caribbean blue and it is bright and let’s me find my laptop with no problem.

The installation on to my laptop was simple and fits well on the laptop. This one fits well and allows my laptop to close and open with no problem, I can plug in any device without it being blocked by the case and the bottom lets me place the laptop on my small desk area and lets it breath to keep from over heating.

The case has the measurements of 13 x 9.1 x0.8 inches. I have a MAC and this works well.

On top of the laptop the circle to show my Apple logo can been seen brightly.

I got this iBenzer case for free for a fair and honest review of the case.


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Product Review 2 Smooth Energy Clear Mind LiquidCaps

2 Smooth Energy Clear Mind LiquidCaps Review


Ginseng Liquid Caps: Smooth Energy Clear Mind

Many times you read what the person from the company will place on selling you a product. I read this one and glad that I had it for 6 days. Yes it was everything and more. I expected another product that says it will but it won’t this one delivered.

Packing of product
Great. You will that I completely took all of the capsules.

What the product does
 At first little things were happening like I finished organizing the closet in my room and could not understand why I was feeling so great and clear in thought. Yes I am 60 this year and at times a little unclear on completing tasks some get finished and others never get started to complete task. With the product I clear, started and list completed most of the task I had listed.  To me it was if a spark hit the brain and just gives me. So Clear is just one-way of explaining it. Words are failing to express the TOTAL clearness you will experience once taking this great product.

Yes I know that this herb has been used to improve overall mental health but help to fight off other disease. Some of it’s many sues are to help with men for erectile dysfunction, and diabetes can benefits also with Ginseng.
This product was given to me to sample and given to me for my fair and honest opinion.

As I age I need all of the help that I can find that will keep sharp and focus because 60 is not old it is getting better and knowing a lot of facts to get forward and succeed. This one product has changed my believes and many levels. To my daily meds I have Ginseng and proud to know that I stumbled into a great product with many benefits for better health.

Stars: for this product
*****’S Stars

This product was given to me for my fair and honest opinion. 

Amazon Link:

The Sea of Jewels

The Sea of Jewels - Sterling Silver 'Uxorem Meam Amo' Bead - 100% Money Back Guarantee - Guaranteed Gasp   --&...