Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Organic "Insta Natural" Seaweed Powder

Falling in love with Seaweed
Falling in love with and the products that they have is a rare for me but this is must have in your closet of products that work well. Seaweed Powder for a facial mask is a must have in the battle of keeping healthy and living well.

There are Benefits

For me this is my personal spa in a jar it can be used for facial mask, cellulite treatment, and my personal favorite is body wraps which leave you feeling amazing.

Helps with removal of toxic at the skin level and works out many of the impurities in the skin while helping rejuvenate the body in the area you are using the amazing product. People with sensitive skin this is the answer for getting true benefits from an all-natural product. Let me explain a little more this product can be a little messy when you are applying but the messiness out ways the true benefits. You must use this product according to the directions on the packing. When you do I feel you get true results.
My use for my treatment
This is where messy occurs but worth the results. I make up the Seaweed Kelp and place it on my buttock let it stay for 15-20 minutes and you can feel the response from product instantly a little bit over powering mixture but that is because everything is organic with no other fullers or perfumes.

After doing my first spa treatment I could not wait because of the results I saw from the first treatment. I left my skin smooth and vibrant.

Packing of this product
Nothing fancy just shrink-wrap and the box is open. Simple to me but elegant.

I received this product for free to give my fair and honest review.
Over all review of product
I give this one *****’s for greatness that works.

Company website and address below.

InstaNatural website:


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