Saturday, January 17, 2015

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Grove of Life in Mexico


     Past life moving in the GO..
For years I was the caregiver, sister, best friend, daughter you get the idea of my then but the life now is busy for Abuela Nana. Last year I was in Las Vegas and finished the year with being BAJA Malibu, Mexico. Traveling to the spot it the worst for me, love once I get there but going is a different thing, the pushing, rushing to get from place to place and some people can be rude. Okay about that now let’s get on to more interesting details.

    Re-doing  Casa Bordeaux
Many of the shots that you will see in this article come from my families home in Mexico.  My brother John and his wife Delores have redone the home in Mexico from 2 bedrooms to 5 five bedrooms and it has been a major construction. Walls have been knocked out and new shapes are reappearing everywhere you look. In Mexico skilled labor is hard to find, many say they can but few are really skilled. So, once you have one you must pay for them and keep that crew working until the project is complete. My family was blessed to have found one that they could trust and keep. 


Construction is construction no matter where you go. THE DIRT is everywhere and I mean on everything that I just helped to clean. O my goodness I working on the finish product because it’s like traveling. You are always moving something from one spot to the other in this kind of construction. My Family took two lots next to the main house and is now blending the construction to make is one big unit. It will be nice once finished but until then have DIRT will travel. Don’t’ think that I a working all of the time but we are all working in some form of the day to get things settled in the house for daily living. 
The picture that you see here is from what will be there bedroom overlooking the ocean this is a great view. 

This is the first of many trips to the BAJA but my first one was month for my son and his wife to get a break from MELODY (ME).  I too need a rest for my body. You see this blogger was hit some seven years ago by a drunk driver and I am now suffering the from the accident. Oh too, I am awaiting my Social Security Disability to start some kind of normal income for me and to life a better life than I am currently have, after this kind of accident you life with pain as a normal in your life and are grateful to have that normal. So the grove of life is a little unbalanced from one angle but balanced in another part.

Changes in 2015 

While I am talking about change for me In August 2015 will be the birth of my grandchild along with my son becoming a full Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College, no short feet for my child he did his Bachelor of Science from Logan College and now his Doctor of Chiropractor degree which is the top of the ladder for him and one of the top colleges for study. He has done this thing right for marriage, career and now my grandchild all in the right order. I did something right? Right?
On ward and upward to making the better change in the life of MELODY and working to be my best for me, I am bent not broken in many ways.

So getting back to grove of life here at CASA BORDEAUX we have our crew back working on the house today. They have not been here for two weeks and we got a lot on the inside done now let’s get to the busy of finishing the house so I can have more space next time I visit. Selfishly, I know that is wrong but I am the baby of the family and your ride that one to the end until you are called on it. I know that I am an adult but in my circle the baby did most of the caring for our parents so she is still reaping the benefits, okay? You have to be smart enough to know when God is blessing you and just sit back and enjoy what he is giving you. Amen?

As I stated before that my view from where I am doing the blogging is beautiful. Today it is clear and the sun is out. Yesterday it was rainy but warm, I can’t complain since I live in Saint Charles, Missouri where the temp today is somewhere around 28 degrees for the high. So here we go on moving and changing my directions, again.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Mule 61 in BAJA MEXICO

Rosarita, Mexico Mule 61

Every part of the world has hidden secrets and other special items that should be shared and do I have one to share with you, Mexico it is called Mule 61 Year’s Eve that was to me one of the best events in Mexico, I’m sure there were many others that say the same thing but I was at this one and this one was the BOMB.

Not many people there but as I said it is a secret. To anyone who is an entertainer and want to make sure you are not forgotten and treated like a “king” or “Queen” then the BAJA is the place to go and rest and relax, be known but still give you, your privacy then the BAJA is for you Love.

So Mule 61 is a bar and restaurant where you think that you in San Diego, California at one of the most exclusive establishments. We had live entertainment and 50 or so guest that was given dinner and entertainment for the price $25.00 per person.  Menu: Appetizers: Bruschetta, diced tomatoes, garlic, basil with a hint of balsamic vinegar herbs and parmesan cheese on fresh sliced baguette, Salad: Caesar, romaine lettuce, torn into bite size pieces toss with dressing, parmesan, anchovy oil and lemons served on a chilled plate. Entrees: 10 oz. New York steak, seasoned with garlic served with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, or 6 oz. Salmon Filet prepared with lemon herb served with rice and roasted vegetables. Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream served with pecans and chocolate sauce. Stuffed is the word once I completed these courses.

We were entertained by Mary Flower and let the ball fall in New York then in the mid-west then over the boarder to MEXICO and where we partied with fireworks and champagne to bring in the New Year. Yes it was RIGHT and on point as far as this blogger was concerned and enjoyed.

We partied and brought in the New Year until the wee hours for those in The United States.

Next day was a little short but for the most part it was FUN and great people. One thing I can say about those that I know in the BAJA they care about each other and have genuine love. With all that is going on today it was good see and enjoy. We are in the old world together where are black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight and this list could go on and on but you must know that we are in need of each others care and respect for each other.

Woo, I forgot to say that my brother John A. Bordeaux, Sr. is singing at two places and this was one of them Mule 61. Let me just give him is props and say that he sounds very good any takes on helping a sister’s brother out in this singing?  Had to give that a plug what can of sister would I not be to say how great he was a the event along with Ms. Flower who worried about her voice and WOW I blown away about the great sounds that she give in the New Year’s Eve event.

Here is the link to the website for this FABULOUS place and let me just tell you the proprietor is working is butt off to make sure that he is given his part in the desert that is coming to life. PRESTO my hat is tipped to you for making a go of this and I pray you dream is coming true. Okay got carried away and forgot the link:

Extra plug for the gallery open next to the bar it has a showing right now of those who are starving art and he is open for his winter hours now, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  His summer hours will be listed on the website.
Stop on bye and say hi and have the drink and dinner with PRESTON and the staff at Mule 61.

Hey this write will be back at the Mule 61 sooner than later.


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