Friday, June 1, 2018

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BAE: #dBs - the New Best Wireless Stereo #Bluetooth


 dBs - the New Best Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones V4.0+EDR | On-Ear Foldable Headset | with Microphone | Sweat proof | Bluetooth Earphones for [Gym | Sports | Exercise | Workout | Music Streaming] for Smartphones | Cellphones | Android | Apple iPhones, iPad, iPod | Samsung | iOS | Perfect Gift for Dad Mom College Student Teacher Teenager Graduation REVIEW

Sounds! Sounds! Is what we are all in turn to in this world? I MUST say I am too.

These are a lightweight pair of headsets and fold away for safe keeping until next use.

This is my first pair of collapse headsets, they slip on easy and off. I wear glasses and a headset around my neck as well. I know a lot of things around my neck and this was a add on for me. I did notice that with my hearing loss in my left ear I could hear the sounds well that is important to me. For me the changing of levels is easy with the with the button on the side you have 4 buttons for various levels of sounds. I received this in grey and not white. To me handling of this headset is extremely important.

I got these for free from Direct Beat Systems.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

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BAE: #Celluite Defense Gel-Cream Promotion


Cellulite Cream with Caffeine and Rational

Many times you will read that I write about being a baby boomer and loving my life currently. The battle of staying ahead of aging in just that at the battle and new to me has been the Cellulite Cream with Caffeine and Retinol.

How this product is package

As with Body Merry, it is the basic box with protection seal applied. A box is basic and to the point that what’s inside is valuable to your the person purchasing the Cellulite Cream. After opening the packing you are now greeted with contents, which is creamy, bold and a little strong, but you know that is the caffeine and seaweed along with retinol ready to help with the battle a head that is cellulite.

What’s inside the jar?

As I stated you smell the contents and applying is the key part here, I do mine first thing in the morning before showing a then raising the Cellulite Cream. It is the seaweed that I think you feel starting to work.  You feel the tingling starting and heating up the skin as it starts the toning and tightens the skin. I am battling my legs where I have stockpiled the cellulite in both thighs and working on removing as much cellulite in the next few months as possible. My problem is that I suffer from my back and now my thighs to get as healthy as I can. 

Body Merry has just launched there the first website and here is the link on Facebook:

Many times we try to explain our own personal feelings and many times we succeed in this matter. But for this company, I can only say this: “Try any of the products you will like it,”.  But not because of the contents and it is not perfumed or given something else not just the basics that work you are left with a product that is natural and natural is what is inside of this jar.


Yes, you pay for what you need and get. Body Merry is giving you basic and taking to the level to let you know that they are serious about what they place the companies name on. Make a selection with Body Merry and if you are not happy they will give your money back to you. So you have everything to win along with the benefits.


For me, I am seeing results after using this product and I will rebuy for myself. Cellulite breaking down is an art when you know that you have help.
Link to purchase from Amazon:

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BAE: Total Hair Repair Oil #Foxbrim


Foxbrim Hair Repair

The product leaves your hair shiny but not greasy or feeling sticky after use.
Product Packing

This had nothing fancy just a shrink label around the bottle for easy opening.

What’s inside?

A great re-storing product, my hair is curled and always has been it never braided just was so curly that it always stayed all over my head with curls as it is now that I have gotten better (not older).

MY Hair
Once applied this gave me a lot more of moisture and natural back in the hair. I always had the bounce to hair but this gave me a little more. Balance is the strength is key things that I noticed as used the Total Hair Repair oil by Foxbrim. Several weeks have passed since I started using it and I have notice betters life to my hair.

My belief is the Organic Argan Oils are key components that are giving the added life alone with Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil together these blends are great in repairing damaged hair.

I wear dye blonde hair and keeping moist had been a problem but knowing that a little does a lot has helped me in using this product.
STAR’S *****’s for Foxbrim Argan Oil Hair Repair-100% Natural Hair Oils

Amazon Link to the product:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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BAE: The World of MAC

In my world MAC is the worker bee for me I use my MAC most of the day and just love it and without it not being powered is something I cannot live without. A backup charger is what I needed and keep. This works great on my MAC charger to have and works on the laptop. Great price and comes packaged for protection.
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BAE: Getting the circulation going and stretching

My son suffers from his back a lot so I got this for him and myself.

What you get inside the kit is the large roller, toilet for drying sweat and a storage bag for this item.

I use it on the floor or wall and place it behind my back then roll the wall up and down to get relief. On the floor, I place it behind me and place it behind back until I get the right angle. This helps me to loosen the muscles around my upper back and shoulders. For those areas around the upper part of the body for me has been a helper in relief the stress.

This helps with stiffness
Gets in deep to the tissues and starts circulation
You apply the pressure you want
Easy to clean
Easy to store away

I have none

BAE: #dBs - the New Best Wireless Stereo #Bluetooth

--> -->  dBs - the New Best Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones V4.0+EDR | On-Ear Foldable Headset | with Microp...